【Official】Kyoto Hana Hotel

<Nationwide travel support>Also available in 2023!

  • 【Nationwide travel support】We are accepting applications for 2023 on our website and by phone!

    From January 10, 2023 to March 30, 2023
    【Nationwide travel support】We have started accepting reservations!

    "Discount rate is 20%" and "up to 3,000 yen subsidy"
    The coupon is ``2,000 yen on weekdays'' and ``1,000 yen on weekends'' per person!

    We are waiting for your reservation (^▽^)/

    ※We do not accept requests for "National Travel Assistance" at check-in.
    If you would like to support us, please be sure to make a reservation with the applicable plan or contact the hotel in advance.

I want to be a base of your trip to Kyoto.

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    Hana Hotel is located in Kyoto's most popular shopping street, Sanjo.
    There is a bus stop to the whole Kyoto city in the outskirts, and Keihan Railway and subway station are a short walk away.

    The number of rooms is 43, which is not a big hotel, but a small hotel.
    We value the warm hospitality that is close to each and every customer.


Sightseeing・business… 10 types of rooms available for every occasion

  • 【All Rooms Non-Smoking】Standard room

    Standard rooms perfect for both sightseeing and business.
    It is a simple and cozy space.

    Guest room amenities・Equipment example:
    Foot massager, humidifier
    POLA Company shampoo, conditioner, treatment, cleansing, Lotion, Latex
  • 【All Rooms Non-Smoking】Concept room

    Four rooms: “Hana”, “Tori”, “Kaze” “Tsuki”, “Kaze” by the natural beauty of Kyoto,
    We have "Ladies Room, Sakura" which can be used exclusively for female customers.

    Guest room amenities・Equipment example:
    Foot massager, humidifier, POLA Company shampoo, conditioner, treatment, cleansing, Lotion, Latex
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    All rooms have a foot massager.
    Please spend a time of healing on your tired legs in Kyoto sightseeing and work.



  • Dinner

    "Is dinner a restaurant in the hotel?" We sometimes get questions like this.

    Unfortunately, there is no restaurant at Hana Hotel.

    However, based on the idea that the hotel is "supper is also a pleasure for traveling",

    We offer dinner tie-up plan with outside restaurants, which are not seen elsewhere.
  • Breakfast

    The gentle taste of Houzan handmade by the service manager of "Kyo Cuisine Hozan"
    Vegetables grown by farmers in Kyoto, etc.
    We have a menu with a strong appetite from the morning!

    Offer time is from 7:00 to 9:00
    It will be provided in the cafe space on the 1st floor.

"Coronavirus countermeasures" based on the guidelines are being implemented.

  • About new coronavirus infection prevention measures

    At this facility, we take thorough measures to prevent new-type coronavirus infection so that visitors can feel safe.

    For details, please click the title "About new coronavirus infection prevention measures".

【Measures against new coronavirus】Photocatalyst coating completed

  • Photocatalyst coating completed

    At this facility, as part of measures against the new coronavirus
    Photocatalyst coating was applied to all guest rooms + common space.

    By exposing it to sunlight or light from a light bulb, it has the following effects.
    ★Antibacterial / antiviral ... Bacteria are killed and decomposed by oxidizing power.
    ★Deodorant / air purification ... Decomposes and removes formaldehyde.Furthermore, it decomposes bad odors and purifies air and water quality!
    ★Anti-mold and anti-fouling ... Prevention of mold and algae growth.
    ★Super hydrophilic ... Anti-fog effect & self-cleaning effect that does not get dirty by getting water under the dirt on the surface.


Google Map

Hotel Name

Kyoto Hana Hotel


〒 605-0001
2-53-1 Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

Telephone number



E-mail: info@kyotohanahotel.com

JR Kyoto Station: 1 minute on foot from Sanjo-Keihan Station Exit 1 (transfer available) / Get off at Sanjo Keihan Mae Municipal Bus 5 (No transfer)
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Reception hours: 11:00 to 21:00