【Official】Kyoto Hana Hotel

I want to be a base of your trip to Kyoto.

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    Hana Hotel is located in Kyoto's most popular shopping street, Sanjo.
    There is a bus stop to the whole Kyoto city in the outskirts, and Keihan Railway and subway station are a short walk away.

    The number of rooms is 43, which is not a big hotel, but a small hotel.
    We value the warm hospitality that is close to each and every customer.


Sightseeing・business… 10 types of rooms available for every occasion

  • 【All Rooms Non-Smoking】Standard room

    Standard rooms perfect for both sightseeing and business.
    It is a simple and cozy space.

    Guest room amenities・Equipment example:
    Foot massager, humidifier
    POLA Company shampoo, conditioner, treatment, cleansing, Lotion, Latex
  • 【All Rooms Non-Smoking】Concept room

    Four rooms: “Hana”, “Tori”, “Kaze” “Tsuki”, “Kaze” by the natural beauty of Kyoto,
    We have "Ladies Room, Sakura" which can be used exclusively for female customers.

    Guest room amenities・Equipment example:
    Foot massager, humidifier, POLA Company shampoo, conditioner, treatment, cleansing, Lotion, Latex
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    All rooms have a foot massager.
    Please spend a time of healing on your tired legs in Kyoto sightseeing and work.



  • Dinner

    "Is dinner a restaurant in the hotel?" We sometimes get questions like this.

    Unfortunately, there is no restaurant at Hana Hotel.

    However, based on the idea that the hotel is "supper is also a pleasure for traveling",

    We offer dinner tie-up plan with outside restaurants, which are not seen elsewhere.
  • Breakfast

    Breakfast is a daily lunch box handmade by Kyo Cuisine Hozan
    It is a gentle taste that makes the best use of the taste of the material with "additive-free and coloring-free".

    It will be served from 6:00 to 10:00 in the cafe space on the 1st floor.
    (You can also enjoy it in your room)

    ※If you request a bento, it will be charged separately for 1,100 yen.Please contact us by the day before.
    ※Considering hygiene, we are now changing from a regular breakfast buffet to a lunch box.

"Coronavirus countermeasures" based on the guidelines are being implemented.

  • About new coronavirus infection prevention measures

    At this facility, we take thorough measures to prevent new-type coronavirus infection so that visitors can feel safe.

    For details, please click the title "About new coronavirus infection prevention measures".

【Measures against new coronavirus】Photocatalyst coating completed

  • Photocatalyst coating completed

    At this facility, as part of measures against the new coronavirus
    Photocatalyst coating was applied to all guest rooms + common space.

    By exposing it to sunlight or light from a light bulb, it has the following effects.
    ★Antibacterial / antiviral ... Bacteria are killed and decomposed by oxidizing power.
    ★Deodorant / air purification ... Decomposes and removes formaldehyde.Furthermore, it decomposes bad odors and purifies air and water quality!
    ★Anti-mold and anti-fouling ... Prevention of mold and algae growth.
    ★Super hydrophilic ... Anti-fog effect & self-cleaning effect that does not get dirty by getting water under the dirt on the surface.


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Hotel Name

Kyoto Hana Hotel


〒 605-0001
2-53-1 Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

Telephone number



E-mail: info@kyotohanahotel.com

JR Kyoto Station: 1 minute on foot from Sanjo-Keihan Station Exit 1 (transfer available) / Get off at Sanjo Keihan Mae Municipal Bus 5 (No transfer)
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Reception hours: 11:00 to 21:00