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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a parking lot at the hotel?

    There is no parking at the hotel.
    If you are traveling by car, please use the paid parking lot (limited number of cars, advance reservationContinue reading
  • Are the rooms non smoking? Can I smoke?

    The hotel is completely non smoking.
    As we set up ashtray out of the 1F lobby, when smoking, I would like it.
  • Do you have a rental cycle?

    Please let the front desk know if you need it.
    ※Since it is limited to 5 cars, only reception on the day is possible.
  • Q.Is there a long-term consecutive discount or large reservation discount (wedding etc.)?

    For long-term stays and large-scale reservations (such as weddings)
    There are unique hotel deals.

    The discount rate varies depending on thContinue reading
  • Q. When can I make a reservation?

    The start of reservation is accepted at the same time on the Internet and telephone.
    In addition, please refer to the following for the resContinue reading
  • Q. Please tell me the access to Kyoto University.

    Kyoto University are two ways to access Kyoto University.
    In the case of city bus use: Hana Hotel → walk (about 5 minutes) → city bus "HigaContinue reading
  • Q. Can you make the rooms next to each other in the desired hierarchy?

    We will consider it as much as possible.
    However, there may be only one room on each floor and only one room on a specific floor, so it mayContinue reading
  • Q. Where can I buy a one-day ticket for Kyoto City Bus?

    Available at the hotel front desk.
    In addition, from the office / ticket vending machine in the subway Sanjo-Keihan Station and the driver oContinue reading
  • Can I put people in the room who are not staying at the hotel?

    Very excuse me, but you are not allowed to enter rooms other than hotel guests.
    Please use the common area “HANA Cafe” at the end of the loContinue reading
  • Q. When should I pay the accommodation fee?

    Please pay in advance at check-in.
  • Q. Can you deliver the package to the hotel and receive it?

    When shipping your package to the hotel, please indicate on the form the date of your check-in and the name of your reservation.
  • Q. Can I extend before / after?

    Both front and back extensions are possible at 1,500 yen per hour per hour.
    (Before extension ... From at least 12 o'clock. After extensionContinue reading
  • Q. Can I arrange a taxi?

    You can arrange by phone or the staff will stop the taxi directly.
    ※Crowding is expected during the busy season, so make a reservation earlContinue reading
  • Q. Do you have group hotels?

    There are no group hotels at Kyoto Hana Hotel.
  • Q. Can I make a transfer payment?

    We will send invoices by mail, fax or e-mail to the desired customers.
    Please understand that the transfer fee will be borne by the customeContinue reading
  • Q. Do you have wheelchair rentals?

    Only one is available.
    Thank you for your understanding in advance.
  • Q. If I search in the car navigation system, will the hotel's name come out?

    Enter the hotel's phone number (075-754-0870), or enter the subway "Sanjo-Keihan Station" and visit that place.
    ※If you want to use the parContinue reading
  • I would like to know about the cancellation fee.

    Cancellation fee will be incurred 3 days before the reservation date.
    3 days before = 20% of room rate, 2 days before = 30% of room rate, 5Continue reading
  • Cancellation policy for groups (from 10 people)

    The cancellation policy is different for individual use (1 to 9 people) and group use (10 people or more).

    For group guests, a separate groContinue reading
  • Access from Kyoto Station?

    JR Kyoto Station is access from JR Kyoto Station to our hotel.
    Take the subway or city bus.

    1 From “Kyoto” Station Subway Karasuma Line
     Continue reading
  • Can I leave my luggage before check-in / out?

    It is possible to keep it from the morning of the check-in day.
    If you can return on the day after checkout, we will keep it.
  • Can I use Internet and Wi-Fi in my room?

    Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms.
    If you wish to rent a wired LAN cable, please ask the staff. (Limited quantity)
  • Do you have breakfast? What is it?

    Breakfast is handmade by the service manager of "Kyo Cuisine Hozan".
    A Japanese and Western buffet where you can enjoy Western dishes such aContinue reading
  • Can I stay with men?

    Of course it is possible.
    Many business trips are also available to men.

    ※Ladies room “Sakura” is for women only.
  • Can I stay with my pet?

    I am sorry. The hotel is not allowed to stay with pets.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Q. What kind of loan products are there?

    We rent cell phone chargers, blankets, trouser presses, nail clippers, tableware, dryers, and shoe dryers.
    There are various other loan prodContinue reading
  • Can I sleep with my child? How much is it?

    Sleeping is possible free of charge to the sixth grader of elementary school.
    Sleeping is limited to the number of adults in each room.
    ThContinue reading
  • Can I use a credit card for payment?

    You can use Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, and UnionPay credit cards.
    You can also pay by PayPay or Line Pay.
  • Q. Can I ship packages using a courier service?

    There is handling of Yamato Transport and Yu-Pack. Please contact the front desk.
  • Q. What kind of facilities / facilities in the hotel are there?

    ・Corridor on the first floor ... vending machine for drinks
    ・1st floor lobby ... Drink sales showcase-One laptop that you can use freely
    ・ShContinue reading


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Reception hours: 11:00 to 21:00