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  • Dinner at a restaurant where you can feel the hospitality of Kyoto.

    The dinner course with the partner restaurant provided in the accommodation plan is a content full of originality jointly developed with our hotel staff.
    We prepared with the thought that "I want to feel the taste of the hospitality" for customers of Hana Hotel.

    As well as sightseeing, please leave the Hana Hotel to help you make memories of your dinner.

Kyo Cuisine Hozan

  • 1 minute walk from our hotel

    A Kyo Cuisine run by a former ryokan management service manager.
    The ingredients are additive-free and color-free.
    You can enjoy creative Kyo Cuisine that is carefully created one by one in a relaxed Kyo Cuisine.

    And the service manager's philosophy is "once in a lifetime".
    We value the encounter with each and every customer more than anything else.
    You can enjoy hearty Kyo Cuisine and hospitality.
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Kyo Cuisine Kaji

  • 10 minutes by car from the hotel

    The store is located on Maruta Town Dori, close to Nijo-jo Castle
    It is a famous Kyo Cuisine published in Michelin Guide Kyoto 2019 "Bib Gourmand".

    His husband, Kenji Kaji, fought an equal battle with "Iron Chef" in 1995, and was awarded the "Modern Master Craftsman in Kyoto Prefecture" in 2007. Master of Kyo Cuisine

    Kyo Cuisine is created with a passion for water and seasonings as well as the ingredients used for cooking.

    Please spend a peaceful time in the calm atmosphere of the store.
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Planca Ken(matter)

  • 10 minutes walk from the hotel

    In the back alley of Gion
    An "adult hideaway" where you can enjoy creative iron plate dishes to your heart's content.

    Determined by a chef who has been the chief chef for many years at a famous hotel
    Including brand cows such as A4 and A5 rank Yamato beef and Miyazaki beef
    Dynamically cook lobster and seasonal Kyoto Vegetables right in front of you.

    The sight of the chef cooking in front of the counter seats is exactly the "show" itself.
    How about a little extravagant time for your anniversary with your loved ones?
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Dishes, Flower

  • 15 minutes walk from the hotel

    Maruta Town shop facing Maruta Town Street boasts beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring.
    The way to such a store should be a wonderful memory for two people.

    When you step inside the rest shop run by the couple,
    A warm space of woodgrain is expanding.

    What is important to the chef is the spirit of "Warmy Chishin."
    “Know the old and know the new”
    Add a new essence of Italian cuisine to traditional Japanese cuisine
    Many of the artistic menus created will add “Hana” to the anniversary celebration.
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Tofu Cuisine Tofu Tower(Tousuirou)

  • 8 minutes walk from our hotel

    At a townhouse in the Taisho era
    Tofuiro where you can enjoy "seasonal tofu dishes".

    With domestic soybeans and tofu prepared with natural water
    Please enjoy the special kaiseki course of "Hana Hotel Original" that makes the best use of seasonal ingredients.
    You can enjoy it.
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  • Breakfast is a wide variety of Japanese and Western buffets!
    The gentle taste of omelet rolls handmade by the service manager of Kyo Cuisine Hozan
    Kyoto vegetables and pickles
    We have a buffet menu with a great appetite from the morning!
    □Hours 7:00 to 9:00
    □Place the first floor HANA Cafe