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  • 【Non-smoking】Twin Room

    This room has 2 single beds in a larger room.
    Bed joints are also possible.

    20 rooms in total
    22.6 to 24.3 square meters
    2nd floor to 7th floor
    Two 110 cm wide beds, *Partial extra bed available. 5,500 yen (tax included), reservation required by the day before.
    With foot massager
    Partial view: Town side・There is no view

ToConcept roomTo

  • 【Non-smoking】Ladies Room “Sakura”

    "Japanese cute" ladies' room made by female staff of Hana Hotel.
    Beauty appliances and equipment only in this room.

    Lourdes massage cushion
    SHARP plasma cluster dryer
    Nano Steamer Facial
    Aroma lamp
    Both sides with LED light・Magnifier
    Accessory tray
    Rest time
    Herb tea

    1 room in total
    22.8 square meters
    5th floor
    Two 110 cm wide beds
    With foot massager
    View: Town side


  • Clean and spacious tub room.
    The bathtub is a spacious structure where you can stretch out and relax.
    Please enjoy the relaxing time of the end of the day.

    *Fully equipped heated toilet seat

  • This Western-style bathtub is a deluxe double room.
    It is installed only in the concept room “Kaze”.
    Relaxing specification that you can stretch out and relax.
    It's perfect for getting tired of the day.

    *Fully equipped heated toilet seat

ToGuest Room Equipment・AmenitiesTo

  • 【Facilities】
    Free Wi-Fi, humidifier, LCD TV, refrigerator, safe
    Foot massager
    Air conditioner, Western-style bathtub
    Washlet (With heating seat)
    Duvet style bed

    bath towel, Face towel
    Shirt-type long pajamas
    Disposable slippers
    POLA Aroma Ess (shampoo, conditioner, Body Soap, cleansing, Lotion, Latex)
    toothbrush, T-shaped razor, hairbrush
    Kettle kettle

    ☆At check-in! Selectable bath additives and amenities☆
     Amenities:Body towel, hair elastic, turban, cotton, cotton swab, shower cap

ToEquipment in the facility・ServicesTo

  • 《Equipment in the facility》
    ・Internet space (Free to use printer)
    ・Water server (All layers)
    ・Ice maker
    ・Toaster oven
    ・vending machine

    ・Welcome coffee service
    Held at HANA Cafe 24 hours a day.
    Free coffee is available on a self-service basis.
    There are many tourist information magazines in Kyoto, so please spend a relaxing time.

    ※Some days are not available for maintenance.

    ・Bicycle rental
    Free for guests staying within 4 hours.
    You will be informed at the front desk about charges for longer hours.
    Please ask the staff if you would like to use it.